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The jet industry is a promising sector that is steadily evolving.
Our team will innovate in both aviation and IT technology to stay abreast of the new era
GLOBAL EMT believes that integrity is a fundamental principle not only in its relationships with customers but also in its relationships with business partners.
GLOBAL EMT will establish itself as a trustworthy company by offering airplane services directly related to safety, ensuring both safe and reliable flights, and meticulously safeguarding your valuable personal information.
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GLOBAL EMT members can enjoy free access to private terminals at airports worldwide.
Global EMT is committed to enhancing your experience during your valuable time, offering assistance with arrival and departure guidance, VVIP protocol services, and departure screening support .
GLOBAL EMT aircraft
At GLOBAL EMT, we prioritize ensuring our customers have a comprehensive understanding of the advantages, disadvantages, and unique features of each aircraft in our fleet. We provide detailed information on each aircraft type, empowering you to select a charter aircraft that precisely aligns with the requirements and scale of your itinerary.
Additionally, our team of GLOBAL EMT Specialists is dedicated to offering personalized recommendations, ensuring your chosen aircraft perfectly suits your itinerary needs.
Concierge services
Leveraging our expansive global network, GLOBAL EMT delivers personalized services meticulously crafted to suit your itinerary requirements. Whether it´s travel information, hotel bookings, rental car arrangements, translation services, or tour guides, we ensure every aspect of your journey is customized to perfection.

Call for Travel Destination Recommendations for Private Jet Travel

If you could travel by private jet

where would you like to go?

We are seeking recommendations for exclusive and extraordinary travel destinations suitable

for private jet travel. We welcome suggestions that promise unique experiences, luxurious accommodations, and unparalleled beauty.

Whether it s a hidden gem or a renowned paradise, your recommendations will help create unforgettable journeys.

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